FEEDBACK from Workshops

Mental Health First Aid
"Has a naturally warm, caring style"
"Friendly, welcoming, great facilitation skills"
"Anecdotal experiences made it authentic"
"Very engaging and naturally humorous"
"Good explanations of tricky subject"
"Confident - calm safe pair of hands"
"A natural presenter"
"Confident & informative"
"Really enjoyable"
"Exudes calm and confidence"
"Her natural humour enhanced the session"
"Clearly knows her stuff"

Living with Fatigue Workshop
“I have learnt so much today…really will help me so much”
“Lots and lots of different things to help with my life”
“Very informative and easy to understand”
“It was useful to know that you are not the only person with the problem”
“Very good session would recommend it”
“As a result I have cancelled some events and DON’T FEEL GUILTY. Excellent. Thank you”
“Appreciated it all – made me stop and think what I am forgetting to do – diet, say No to some things, be more organised”
“Learned – how to cope with fatigue.”
“Learned how to cope with my day”
“Learned tips for managing fatigue and general information, enjoyed workshop and discussions”
“The section on “Managing” everyday life. These are the first ideas/suggestions I have received so far to try so I can’t wait to try them.

Living with a Long Term Condition
“Recovery Action Plan. More positive activities, plan more”
“Sharing and discussing our personal stories.  Daily plan to stay well”
“All of them. To improve more day to day routine. It was really helpful I understand more from this workshop.”
“Make time for me. Listing when things start to go wrong, before it is too late. Make a plan and talk to family. Ask for help when it goes wrong. Write down 5 things that have been good at the end of the day. Thank you this will help me set up a good working plan”
“All of it. Be kinder to myself. Write down 5 things that are good every day”
Increasing Happiness, Wellbeing and Resilience
"Anne-Marie is lovely, she is calm, funny and makes time for everyone".
“Like all the quotes and pictures. The workshop is done in a way that challenges the way I think but I think will help me in the long run.”
“All of it. Will read everything through and try and put into practice”
“Wellbeing and happiness. It will make things better as time goes. I did like the workshop and it was very helpful”
“Made me think about things in a different way”
“The context of wellbeing. Be more positive. Carry on doing things that make me happy. If possible be more resilient.”
“Reminder to write 5 things down to increase that attitude of gratitude. Look up Action for Happiness. Work on entertaining and sharing food and drink with friends. Learnt about RAS. Excellent! I loved the homely relaxed attitude that you brought to the subject. Thank you so very much.”
“I found the RAS interesting I had not heard of this before – will try and put this to use. Will practice the RAS, Be kinder to myself. Try not to be jealous of friends who appear to have a nicer life, with no illness”
“All. Be more assertive about goals, consider more options”
"Anne-Marie was fantastic to all attending the workshop. Thank you"
"Very relaxing manner making the subjects interesting and constructive"
"Happiness" Workshops 
"Enjoyed it very much”,    “Eye opener”,  “Will think differently”, 
“I really enjoyed your session today”,
“I will definitely do the gratitude journal” (Mentioned several times)
“Yes enjoyed it. Wouldn’t change it”.
“I did enjoy the session. Well presented. Good flow and relevant info. Just right”,
“Yes – informative”, “very informative/good suggestions”,
“Yes interesting”,
“Very enjoyable with interesting facts”,
“Yes – interaction, getting us to think”,
“Yes, very interesting and useful”,  

Testimonials for Anne-Marie

Some full length Testimonials from recent Life Coaching clients

 I found the Life Coaching sessions with Anne-Marie so helpful, the warm welcome put me at ease from the start. I found that Anne-Marie was adaptable to my style of learning so that I was able to understand the areas we were looking at.

It was so interesting to look at the areas in my life that I was finding a challenge, once these were identified it was amazing how quickly I became more confident in these areas.

I feel like I turned a huge corner in my life after spending time in Life Coaching with Anne-Marie.

Many Thanks, Jenni

I found the coaching sessions with Anne-Marie very helpful. She is a sympathetic, caring person and I was very relaxed in her presence. I also felt I could tell her anything and knew that whatever I told her would be treated with absolute confidence.
It was useful to have some time to talk about my worries as well as my plans for the future. In Anne-Marie I felt valued and respected, and I'm grateful for that. I also felt she understood about my traumas

Anne Marie made the whole experience personal and friendly, she made me realise that my concerns are justifiable and using various techniques Anne Marie helped me turn my fear into my strength, She helped me see that it didn’t have to be a negative guarding the way to my happiness, it was a strength, it allowed me to be logical and through talking it through with Anne Marie I discovered that I should not feel insignificant. I was empowered.
Anne Marie’s approach was gentle and I felt true compassion from her, Anne Marie made me feel like she was not only listening to the words I was saying but she was hearing me, understanding me, tuned in to supporting me to focus on what was important in my life and identifying one main area that my happiness dips. 
Each session felt natural and I immediately felt comfortable and at ease. Through the kinaesthetic technique I was taught by Anne Marie now at the touch of my fingers I feel proud and strong, and I can face difficult situations with a clear head and a sense of confidence like never before. 
I am grateful for the time we spent together and I would recommend Anne Marie in a heartbeat.

I had 3 life coaching sessions with Anne Marie Gawen. From the outset she was extremely friendly and welcoming. She immediately put me at ease but was very professional. I was initially sceptical about the benefits of life coaching but admit that I was pleasantly surprised at how positive I felt even after the first session.
The sessions were very person centred and focussed on what was important to me. Anne Marie was excellent at keeping things on track and used lots of different techniques to demonstrate various aspects of our session.
I particularly liked the "wheel" where I plotted where I saw my life at the beginning. I was surprised in the way that that it led the sessions in a totally different direction to what I was expecting. I also liked the positivity that each session gave me and I began to feel very good about myself which was a new experience. It increased my self confidence and self esteem to the point that others commented on how focussed I was on my new goals.
The sessions also made me reflect on some negative aspects to my life but gave me the strength to address some of the issues. Anne Marie also gave me techniques for dealing with negative situations which I have been able to employ quite successfully.
The life coaching helped me re-focus my life at a time when I was at a bit of a crossroads. It enabled me to see my goals clearly and increased my self confidence.
All in all it was a very positive experience and I am grateful to Anne Marie for helping me focus my life, set new goals and feel good about myself again.

I found Anne Marie to be a wonderful listener and extremely empathetic.  She also framed things in ways that made them much easier to understand and gave examples of her own to illustrate her points.  I found the wheel of life session to be very thought-provoking.  It struck me that we (I) rarely take time out to work out how our life is divided up and what the imbalances are.  I am a very visual person and I found the wheel made this 'accessible'.

I am currently working on the values exercise and this is also showing me what really matters to me and why I might be unhappy in certain areas of my life!  I am certainly starting to think more about my core values and am also making an effort to write my gratitude points down every day


Some Shorter Snippets of Feedback

Anne-Marie was very helpful encouraging and understanding. Thank you, much appreciated.

Anne-Marie is lovely and very easy to talk to. She empathises well and listens properly. I felt I could express how I am really feeling - priceless!

Anne-Marie was very supportive and she made me feel at ease. She suggested some useful activities. She was so helpful and I very much appreciated her

I feel more supported and understood. Anne-Marie gave me hope, made me feel less alone and understood where I was coming from.

Anne-Marie was...Very understanding, thoughtful...great ideas...gave me confidence. Great

I cannot thank Anne-Marie enough. It was so reassuring to talk to someone who understood how I was feeling.  My family were also very pleased when I explained all the help Anne-Maire had given me.

It was really uplifting for me and our family - Anne-Marie was a breath of fresh air - she is amazing and we are all eternally grateful 

Anne-Marie made me feel a lot better about a lot of things - she was lovely. Very understanding and very easy to talk to.